How to get Services

  1. Call the main office of Community Homecare 1-575-769-2243 This number is answered by Community Homecare employees 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  2. Contact us by email Your email will be answered immediately.
  3. Tell us the type of services you require. We offer homemaker, personal care, home health aides, skilled nursing and physical therapy.
  4. Arrange for a personal visit from our friendly staff at your home. This personal visit is at no charge to you. We will discuss you or your family member’s needs and preferences. We’ll also discuss the type of programs or payors that would be available to pay for the services if you qualify.
  5. Together, we’ll determine the type of care needed and we’ll make a recommendation to you for the type of care we feel you need and explain all of the details.
  6. You and/or our family member decides when and how often our employees provide the type of care you need.
  7. It’s easy – give us a call 1-575-769-2243 or 1-800-559-2243